Main objective

The main objective of this Action is to understand how megaprojects can be designed and delivered more effectively to ensure their effective commissioning within the European Union.

Secondary Objectives

To conduct a ‘meta’ cross-case analysis of groups of megaprojects delivered within Europe and to identify common thematic issues relating to megaproject design and delivery from across the disciplinary spectrum.
To categorise those thematic issues into those issues for which sufficient evidence exists to make immediate policy and practice recommendations and those issues which require further research.
To produce a ‘state of the art’ series of guidelines for key issues surrounding the effective design and delivery of megaprojects.
To produce a research agenda that is made accessible to key.

Working Groups

MEGAPROJECT began it’s work by researching case studies in Working Groups according to sector, namely Energy, Transport, and Cross Sectoral (miscellaneous). These Working groups had all fulfilled their purpose by the end of 2013 and have been replaced with for our current working groups.
The INNOMET (Innovation and Methodology) Working Group will adopt, develop and test some new methodologies developed from Megaproject’s work so far using the existing Megaproject Portfolio to derive some robust scientific evidence. It also aims to validate Megaproject’s new experience based approach to research as a gold standard in project management.
The MES (Managing External Stakeholders) Working Group is collecting, analysing and classifying relevant stakeholders from the Megaproject Portfolio and looking at their influence in projects, including their response strategies and  their impact on project performance.
The RFE (Risk at the Front End) Working Group will look within the Megaproject Portfolio at what the common experience is of risk in megaprojects, how risk at the front end of megaprojects differs from other (non-mega) projects and the possible ways of dealing it
The SPE (Special Project Entities) Working Group is is investigating what influcence a joint venture/consortium created specifically for the project has on the final delivery. It will examine the issues surrounding the establishment and governance of SPEs in projects and demonstrate commonalities and learning points in the creation of SPEs by grouping together experiences from the Megaproject Portfolio.